The Melbourne Quartet

The Melbourne Quartet comprises four eminent Australian musicians with many years of shared professional association especially through the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra and the Australian String Quartet.

  • William Hennessy AM


  • Markiyan Melnychenko


  • Keith Crellin OAM


  • Michael Dahlenburg


The Weiland Project

From July 2018

"For over three decades I have realised that the most significant artistic responsibility of my life is to bring wide attention to the music of Douglas Weiland. In the Melbourne Quartet I have three outstanding colleagues who are also committed to the music of this remarkable composer. Naxos’ commitment to both Douglas Weiland’s music and the Melbourne Quartet now makes large-scale international attention realistic."
Naxos, the world’s largest independent classical music label has invited the Melbourne Quartet to release the first commercial recordings of the Fourth and Fifth Quartets by the esteemed English composer Douglas Weiland, the composer who the late Sir Neville Marriner personally commissioned more than any other composer. Preparation for the recordings will be supervised by the composer.

The Weiland Project


Naxos policy requires that a high quality edited sound recording is supplied by the artists. From this point Naxos produces the final product and promotes and distributes the CDs in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Korea, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, USA and the UK. Naxos also offers an online listening subscription for its recordings.

To produce the sound recording the Melbourne Quartet seeks financial support of $58K for the hiring of Iwaki Auditorium for three days, the employing of sound producer, sound technician and editing services, travel from the UK and accommodation in Melbourne for Douglas Weiland and for the 360 musician hours required for the project. The Melbourne Quartet would most gratefully appreciate support for this important project.

Donations to support this project are tax deductible through the Australian Cultural Fund.

The Weiland Project

About Douglas Weiland

For the past three decades Douglas Weiland has devoted his working life to the production of works: quartets, quintets, trios, sonatas, octet, suites, concertos, cantatas, motets, masses, anthems, songs, other instrumental, orchestral, choral and choral orchestral works. Prior to this he was a violinist. Since 1990 his sole occupation has been that of a full-time composer.